If you can find a path with no obstacles it probably doesn’t lead anywhere

As my volunteer experience has progressed over the last few weeks, one major observation has stuck out in my mind and I have come up with the generalization that those who work as health care professionals truly have to have a passion for and love the job they wake up for every morning. I highlight these words, because I feel in order to partake in this particular career field, it is crucial to have a passion and love for what you do and work to achieve everyday. Granted there are some individuals who act upon being on a “high horse” who base their prerogatives on dollar signs, but that is not how it should be. On a positive note, most people chose this field because they want to make a significant difference and essentially just care for and help people. Especially from my experience working in the PACU, I see this dedication first hand. For instance, a lot of the time children coming out of anesthesia and into post-op are extremely restless and combative which takes a LOT of patience from the nurses to remain calm and authoritative while still administering proper medical care.

There are many things that occur behind the scenes that most people are unaware of. The nurses in the PACU care for the patients immediately after they come out of surgery and calm them down before the parents are allowed to come into the recovery area so they, especially are not alarmed because they might not understand why their child is acting a certain way. Today, there were quite a few youngsters who needed to be restrained and held until they settled down. One patient to be specific, was notably very uncomfortable and agitated to the point where while thrashing around his IV came out. Despite the frustrating situation, his nurse remained composed and just continued to fulfill her job and did her best to make him as comfortable as possible until the arms of his mom or dad were available.

Nurses do a lot more than most people know and see. They are an important part of the foundation that makes this hospital so great and ranked in the top ten of children’s hospitals nation-wide. Everyone regardless of title plays a key role in this ongoing success. Luckily for me, I am able to experience and appreciate on a personal account the passion that these health care professionals put forth. When you are given the opportunity to be behind the scenes and see what actually goes on it gives you a new found appreciation for those engaged in the medical field. It truly does take the right people, who are in it for the right reasons.


One thought on “If you can find a path with no obstacles it probably doesn’t lead anywhere

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