Think Good Thoughts

Last week in class after our discussion on population, community, and organization assets, I really started to think about those that pertain to Lurie Children’s hospital. Today, like most Mondays, it was fairly slow in the PACU so I was especially allowed more time to just think and observe the surroundings.

I sat in my swivel chair behind the nurse’s station and watched as each patient came out of a designated O.R. and was wheeled onto “our” 6th floor (where I occupy most of my time) as the day went on.  I retrieved warm blankets, popsicles, and juice by request and that was pretty much the extent of my duties today. The rest of the time consisted mostly of just sitting around. Just looking at the children coming out of surgery, although it broke my heart, it also made me very happy that they had the opportunity to utilize and receive care from Lurie’s.

I thought about how this hospital in itself is such an amazing asset to the Chicago population as well as those around the world. It really prioritizes and sets it’s main focus on the children and attending to their individual needs. In some hospitals, the staff just does their job by the books and leaves it at that. Here, the doctors, nurses, etc. make it a point to be approachable, kind, and nurturing to the patient. Of course there are criticisms in just about anything in this world, but is easy to for me to think good thoughts about this organization when I see these types of actions personally.

It makes me proud to be a part of something so meaningful to the community but also a representation of what other future pediatric facilities can follow.


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